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Number 1-79, 1961, 78 3/4 x 68 in. (200.0 x 172.7 cm), Acrylic resin (Magna) on canvas, du445

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Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gund, United States


André Emmerich Gallery, New York


(E 236): New York: André Emmerich Gallery (color), 1972

(E 398): Boston: Museum of Fine Arts (comm., p. 15, color, p. 76), 1982

(E 428): Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, July - September 1986


(B 412): Upright 1985, cat. no. 445, color, p.173.


Louis’s stretching marks on some of the Stripe paintings indicate that he intended to crop through the top and the bottom of the painted area, as in the case of this canvas. A photograph taken of the painting prior to its being stretched makes evident its stylistic relationship to the early group of Stripe paintings.

ML number:

ML 1-79

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