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Last of a Series, 1960, 105 x 105 in. (266.7 x 266.7 cm), Acrylic resin (Magna) on canvas, du269

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Gersh Family Partnership, Beverly Hills, California, United States [2012]


André Emmerich Gallery, New York

Paul Waldman, New York

Dayton’s Gallery 12, Minneapolis

Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles

Mrs. Philip Gersh, Beverly Hills, California


Los Angeles County Museum of Art, on loan 1961–62

(E 124): New York: André Emmerich Gallery (color), 1967

(E 190): Minneapolis: Dayton’s Gallery 12 (cat. no. 4, color), 1970


(B 242): Baker 1970, color, p. 37, comm., p. 63

(B 249): Fried 1970, bw pl. 93

(B 412): Upright 1985, cat. no. 269, color, p.157


On 6 May 1961, when this painting was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Clement Greenberg wrote to Morris Louis: “I suggest you give the painting a name and a date, and ask Jim [Elliott] to write them on the back of the canvas.—Why not call it ‘Last of a Series,’ which is what it is?

See Remarks for Aleph Series VII, cat. no. 261.

ML number:

ML 4-71

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