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This search feature can locate paintings and drawings corresponding to data entered into one or more fields.  It is not necessary to fill in all fields to conduct a search.  This search is not case sensitive.

The title, medium, size, provenance, collection, exhibitions, references, copyright, remarks fields do not have to match exactly the data entered into these fields.  For example, when “pen” is entered into the medium field, it will find all pictures that include this medium such as “pen and ink” and “pen and ink on paperboard.”

The data entered into to the year field has to be a single year.  For 1940 you will get all the pictures from 1940 and every picture started before 1940 and finished after (ex. 1939-1942).



Pictures from 1959 using acrylic Year: 1959, Medium: acrylic
The word “beth” in the title Title: beth
Untitled pictures from 1958 Title: untitled, Year: 1958

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