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Number 64, 1958, 92 x 148 in. (233.7 x 375.9 cm), Acrylic resin (Magna) on canvas, du84

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Anderson Collection at Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States. Gift of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson, and Mary Patricia Anderson Pence.


Park International, New York

Lawrence Rubin Gallery, New York

Mrs. Giacomina Moncada

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Anderson, Atherton, California


(E 131): Washington, D.C.: Washington Gallery of Modern Art (cat. no. 8), March 1967

(E 193; E 214): New York: Lawrence Rubin Gallery, 1970; 1971

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,  Celebrating Modern Art: The Anderson Collection (color pl. 19, p. 78; titled "#64")  7 October 2000 - 15 January 2001


(B 242): Baker 1970, comm., p. 62

(B 262): Masheck 1970, bw, p. 79

(B 412): Upright 1985, cat. no. 84, color, p.141

A Family Affair: Modern and Contemporary American Art from the Anderson Collection at Stanford University (Stanford, CA: Anderson Collection at Stanford University, 2014), color, p. 43, pp.112-113

ML number:

ML 64

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