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Winged Hue, 1959, 99 x 98 in. (251.5 x 248.9 cm), Acrylic resin (Magna) on canvas, du238

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Private collection, Los Angeles, United States


Galerie Lawrence, Paris

Philippe Dotremont, Brussels

Galerie Lawrence, Paris

Kasmin Ltd., London

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Rowan, Pasadena, California


(E 29): London: Institute of Contemporary Art (labeled Winged Hire), 1960

(E 31): New York: French & Company (cat. no. 6), 1960

(E 33): Rome: Rome-New York Art Foundation (bw), 1960–61

(E 88): Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum (cat. no. 8, color); Baden-Baden, Germany: Staatliche Kunsthalle (cat. no. 8, color); London: Whitechapel Art Gallery (cat. no. 9), 1965

(E 120): Irvine, California: University of California Art Gallery; San Francisco Museum of Art (cat. no. 88), 1967

(E 196): Pasadena, California: Pasadena Art Museum, 1970

(E 278): Santa Barbara, California: Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1974


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The French & Co. Show of 1960: Originally Curated by Clement Greenberg, Revisited (Santa Fe, New Mexico and Scottsdale, Arizona: Riva Yares Gallery, 2004), exh. cat., color pl., p.16

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